Wholesale Partners

Rex Coffee provides solutions for our wholesale partners. Whether you are a retailer selling coffee by the bag or cup, an office that wants great coffee for your staff, or a distributor looking to offer Rex Coffee to your clients, we can help you. We have many options from small retail to large bulk sizes, with packaging options available for customizing your coffee needs.

Rex Coffee is a roast to order facility and we roast all of our coffees on a Probat L12; everything is small batch and quality focused. Every coffee we roast is cupped to ensure consistent results; we only sell what we know our customers will like to drink. Our coffees are roasted when ordered and prepared for shipment, delivery, or pick-up as soon as possible; generally orders are ready within 24 hours. While this can be a challenging business model, we are committed to ensuring our coffee is ready to be enjoyed as fresh from the roaster as possible.

We offer single origin coffees in addition to our wide variety of established Rex Coffee blends, and many of our existing wholesale customers choose to have a custom blend developed, which represents their specific organization, region or customer demographic. Our team will work with you to come up with the perfect custom coffee blend that pairs well with your menu, customers, and budget.

Rex Coffee is also certified to handle Organic and Fair-Trade coffees. In addition, we regularly carry Rain Forest Alliance and other certified coffees, and all of our decaf is water processed. If you have a need for certified coffees, we can help.

We invite you to visit our roasting headquarters located in Terre Haute, Indiana, and welcome you to join us in our quality control lab for a cupping of our current offerings.

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