Roast Master

Fresh coffee tastes better.

There is no comparison to the aroma and taste of fresh ground coffee. Whether you prefer a morning cup, an afternoon coffee break or the after dinner sip, begin with freshly roasted coffee ground just before brewing and the results will be rewarding. Remember, the style of coffee you prefer (from light roast to dark, blends or coffee from a single origin country, decaf, etc.) will always be more enjoyable if the coffee is fresh.

At Rex Roasting Company, we have developed a guide to brewing great coffee that will work for almost all coffee brewers. I like to think of it as Brewing 101. In fact, this handy guide is what I give to all students in my coffee basics classes, and I encourage you to copy and print it for your own use at home. Additionally, we’ve created videos of brew methods that are simple and work well. I encourage you to check them out and experiment to see what works best for you.

Remember, great coffee is simple to brew and rewarding to drink. If it tastes good, then you’re doing it right.


Chris Weber

Roast Master, Rex Roasting Company