Chill Factor


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A new blend that works great brewed cold or hot. Any cold brew method will work, although we especially suggest the Japanese pour-over style; use your normal hot brew method, and replace 1/3rd of the brew water with ice placed in the brew vessel.

In our lab, we use an 8 cup Chemex. Our method starts by placing 300 grams of ice in the Chemex, adding the filter and 54 grams of coffee ground for drip, and then reducing the normal brew volume from 900 grams of hot water to 600 grams. It helps to pre-wet the filter before adding it to the Chemex, although it can be tricky to unfold.

For any brew style, hot or cold, we get a smooth bodied coffee with plenty of cocoa notes. When brewed cold, we get a sweeter chocolate and hints of cherry. For hot brews we get a little smokiness and dark cocoa.

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Coarse, Drip, Fine, Whole Bean


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