Our Chill Factor Coffee was made especially for summertime. Brew the coffee in your usual hot or cold method. When consumed hot, it is smooth and has dark chocolate and smokey notes. When consumed cold, it is still smooth but the notes change to be sweeter with a cherry finish.

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The blend is fairly straightforward—two roasts of a medium density South American coffee blended with a small amount of a light roasted high-density Central American coffee. This blend is smooth and cocoa forward with overtones of toasted malt and citrus that become more defined as the cup cools. Mild aromatics of roasted nut and cocoa finish out the experience and overall the blend is balanced and sweet. The idea was to create an easily drinkable coffee that could be brewed in any manner that was rewarding for any summertime occasion.

We currently have Chill Factor available in 12 oz, 2 lb and 5 lb bag sizes.